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Danny Eviza & Jetason Link Up On New Rave Single ‘Gone’ Via CLUBWRK

Danny Eviza, after a stunning debut in 2023 with ‘Lost’, returns with his second single and the first for 2024, ‘Gone’, in collaboration with Jetason and released via CLUBWRK. Danny Eviza‘s first track perfectly introduced listeners to his brand of house music, and ‘Gone’ not only reaffirms this sound but also expands it, showcasing his versatility as an artist.

The track ‘Gone’ evolves from the catchy and engaging rhythm of Danny Eviza‘s first release but also infuses it with a more progressive and darker undertone. This results in a sound that is both refreshingly unique and compellingly sophisticated. Jetason, widely known as Jordan Grace, complements the track with his emotive and profound lyrics, enhancing the overall impact of the song and solidifying its appeal.

‘Gone’ stands out as a testament to Danny Eviza‘s evolving artistry, displaying a blend of infectious rhythms and a deeper, more intricate musicality. Jetason‘s contribution adds a layer of emotional depth, making ‘Gone’ not just a track to dance to, but also to reflect upon. This collaboration signifies a noteworthy step in both artists’ careers, offering a glimpse into the future of rave music with its innovative and captivating style.

Stream this single below.

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