Dante Kicks Off 2021 With Exceptional Release ‘Givin Up On Love’ ft. Sam James

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Dante Kicks Off 2021 With Exceptional Release ‘Givin Up On Love’ ft. Sam James

Although a very tough year for those across the world, 2020 was a very important year to the American artist Dante. Having impressed over the past few years with his mixes on Soundcloud, 2020 saw him release his first official single, ‘I Let U’ ft. J. Solaye. This single proved to be a massive step in the right direction in the production side of things for Dante as he would make a great first impression with his listeners on this one. He then followed it up with the impressive ‘Mine’ ft. Anni which has led us to now, where he has opened 2021 with ‘Givin Up On Love’ ft. Sam James.

Dante returns to release his first single of 2021 and it is yet another captivating track, this time teaming up with vocalist Sam James. The powerful and emotional future bass/electronic single will hook any listener in with its melancholic piano and raspy, powerful vocal by Sam James. With a stripped-back production, the arrangement progresses from a simple piano progression into an anthemic drop driven by lush synths and an infectious vocal chop melody. The heavy bassline will infuse energy into any listener and will work well on any dancefloor. With hints of pop, Dante continues to out-do himself with versatile productions and hit-worthy singles. ‘Givin’ Up On Love’ radiates a relatable message that will have heartbroken people replaying the song.

For the better part of the past two decades, Dante Deiana has poured his energy into his craft—providing unforgettable musical experiences at venues across the country and overseas. Dante possesses a unique ability to connect with his audiences and clients, thanks to his breadth of knowledge and professional work ethic. At a time when digital mixing and composition has become commonplace, he continues to learn, evolve, and excel. He is a seasoned veteran, with a record of excellence that sets him apart. Dante is the true embodiment of a self-made entrepreneur who pushes the envelope and raises the bar.

Stream this single below.

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