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Darksidevinyl Unleashes The Infectious Summer Grooves Of ‘Talking About Jazz’ On Sunrising Records!

As the summer heat intensifies in the Northern Hemisphere, Swiss label Sunrising Records presents its latest release, ‘Talking About Jazz’, by the super talented artist Darksidevinyl. This track delivers a captivating blend of deep and tribal Afro House vibes that will transport listeners to a musical paradise.

‘Talking About Jazz’ features a glorious trumpet solo that harmoniously intertwines with other musical elements throughout the track. The deep and tribal rhythms create an infectious groove that will have listeners moving to the beat. Darksidevinyl‘s masterful production takes control as the soundtrack progresses, building up with a progressive and dramatic energy. With each moment, the track takes listeners on a captivating musical journey that guarantees a spot in future playlists.

Prepare to be captivated as ‘Talking About Jazz’ lights up the music scene in the coming weeks. Darksidevinyl’s latest release on Sunrising Records promises to be a sure-fire hit, destined to become a favorite among fans of Afro House and those seeking a mesmerizing summer anthem.

Stream this single below and on all other platforms here.

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