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Dennis Cartier Opens Up 2023 With Huge 12-Track Album ‘Passion’!

Having been in the works for a number of years and unveiling three singles from the album in the form of ‘Coffee In The Morning’, ‘The Ocean’, and ‘A Wonder’ in the past few weeks, the time has come for Dennis Cartier to finally drop his hotly anticipated debut album ‘Passion’. Containing 12 incredible singles, this album kickstarts Dennis Cartier‘s new year and is certainly one of the biggest projects that the ever-growing artist has embarked on.

“More than ever, music is my passion” said Dennis Cartier. He went on to say, “The album contains several songs about life, dreams and hope. I want to inspire people to discover and follow their own passions. Each song on the album is crafted to make the listener feel something. An album that will take the listener on a journey of emotion.”

Leading the album with its title track, ‘Passion’, Dennis Cartier opens the album up perfectly showcasing an uplifting vibe that is sure to inspire you, featuring Morgan Freeman‘s inspirational voice will motivate to pursue your passions. The rest of the album is made up of releases from the past 3 years, with notable singles ‘Don’t Let Go’, ‘What You Wanna Say’, and 2020s ‘Enjoy The Ride’.

Stream this album below.

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