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DeusExMaschine Showcases His Signature Style With The Release Of ‘Disco Tech’!

Having spent countless hours within the studio during a hiatus of releasing music from 2020 and 2021, DeusExMaschine made his hotly anticipated return to our new music feeds with a brand new signature sound, blending elements of disco and tech house. This brand new sound would be showcased via releases ‘Back To The Beat’ and ‘Only You’, with the latter crossing over 1 million streams. Now following up on those two excellent releases, DeusExMaschine brings us another phenomenal release in the form of ‘Disco Tech’.

‘Disco Tech’ blends a powerful bass line and syncopated grooves, creating a punchy and funky vibe with sidechained samples and strings bringing the infectious disco elements. “Take the soul from Disco, combine it with the energy of Tech House and blend it up with DeusExMaschine’s signature ‘French Touch’. The resulting concoction is a recipe for dancefloor destruction.” said DeusExMaschine

Stream this single here.

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