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Dhvanil Links Up With Highkey On The Highly Addictive ‘MOND’!

When delving into the realm of electronic dance music, the number of choices and opportunities for experiencing are endless. Among the tracks available, perfect party starters, some are closing hits, some are for long car journeys, and others are just for personal listening. However, at times, a track emerges that decisively resonates with a specific purpose, instantly encapsulating its intended ambiance. ‘MOND,’ a collaborative creation by Dhvanil and Highkey, embodies precisely that sentiment.

Right from the start, ‘MOND’ grabs your attention with its catchy and captivating sound. As you keep listening, you can clearly feel the emotions it brings. It’s perfect for those peaceful moments during sunset, where you can just unwind with a drink and let go of everything else. The music of ‘MOND’ sets up this kind of relaxing mood effortlessly.

At the heart of this single lies a mesmerizing trumpet solo, its allure underpinned by a masterful interplay of vocal samples and synthesized elements. These constituent parts harmoniously coalesce to birth a sonic tapestry hitherto unheard, yet instantly addictive. Dhvanil, an emerging producer hailing from New Delhi, India, has been ardently contributing to the EDM scene in his locale. With an impressive portfolio that encompasses vlogs and podcasts featuring fellow producers from across India, Dhvanil has been an ardent advocate for the EDM landscape. Through his visual chronicles, he meticulously documents and showcases a diverse array of music festivals, effectively bridging the gap between his homeland and the global EDM community.

Stream this single below.

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