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Di Vanni Releases Awesome 3-Track EP Titled ‘A Dance With The Dead’!

It’s been more than 2 years since Di Vanni started as a DJ and he has grown so much in that time. From DJing to producing, there’s nothing that this talented artist cannot do. Beginning with shows in France before taking things internationally, on the production front Di Vanni made his debut in 2022 with the release of ‘ROOFTOP’ featuring Éline Dupraz. An addictive and enthralling pop-dance single that gave us the perfect first impression for what Di Vanni is all about. Now, with momentum on his side, he presents us with his latest project, the three-track EP titled ‘A Dance With The Dead’.

Wanting to blend elements of electro and pop vibes, the Frenchman came up with the idea of this EP and the rest is history. He opens the EP perfectly with a rhythmic and genre-blending single titled ‘For The Night’, which uses both slap house and r&b as its main elements. He then follows this up with ‘I Really Like You’, a fresh and feel-good future house single that is sure to get those feet moving. Di Vanni then closes out the EP in a perfect way with ‘Y’, a creative and electro-infused slap house single.

This new project also announces a new era for the DJ producer Di Vanni who from the idea in mind crosses his mind tells us he “can be an album for the end of the year 2023.”

Stream this EP below and on all other platforms here.

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