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Dimitri Antek Returns To Blackbox Records With ‘Don’t You Blink’!

Without sounding like a broken record, the year that Blackbox Records has had cannot be understated. Although founded by Canadian artist JONN in 2021, Blackbox Records took 2022 as its full year in operation, and what a debut year it has been. Becoming a home for unknown artists to showcase their work while veteran artists also make it their home, this statement rings true as we get yet another awesome release from the record label, this time with the returning Dimitri Antek.

Having made his debut on the label a couple of months ago with ‘Side By Side’, Dimitri Antek offers up yet another groovy tech house single in the form of ‘Don’t You Blink’. Much like the previous release, Dimitri Antek uses catchy female vocals to grab the listener’s attention right from the off-set, while introducing groovy basslines and melodies that carry the vibe of the single. Infectious topline synths keep that hook moving and top this single perfectly.

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