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Dirty Sound Boys Return To Blackbox Records With ‘Who’ Alongside Surik!

3 months removed from dropping their debut single on Blackbox Records, ‘DLMD’, Dirty Sound Boys make their hotly anticipated return to the Canadian imprint with the super exhilarating single ‘Who’ made together with Surik. Becoming the home for both experienced artists and rising producers, this brand-new single once again shows the power and determination that Blackbox Records bring with each and every release as they deliver yet another gem.

‘Who’ brings an addictive and powerful electro vibe that would certainly not be out of place on any mainstage across the world, as evident by Dirty Sound Boys and Surik playing it live at Brisa Beach Party [view here]. Both artists involved seamlessly blending their styles together to make sure it is a worthy collaboration on their catalog and they deliver the goods in fine fashion with this one.

Stream this single below.

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