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DirtySox Takes Us On An Electronic Journey With ‘All The Way In’!

A former violin prodigy, DirtySox brings a rare melodic virtuosity to his unique brand of EDM. The Lancaster, PA native grew up playing classical music, but after hearing his first dance track as a thirteen-year-old, he knew that electronic music was his true calling. After spending several years honing his craft and learning the intricacies of modern production technology, he emerged with his first album ‘All The Way In’ in 2020.  Influenced by everything from trance to progressive house, the album is a perfect introduction to an artist with the potential to gain national prominence.

‘All The Way In’ is the title-track from DirtySox‘s debut album and it does not disappoint. Taking us on a true electronic journey, DirtySox production technique is out of this world. Right from the start, this American producer uses infectious and diverse sounds to grab your attention and as the single progresses, he keeps your attention by introducing magnificent melodies. All of these intricate sounds are blended and mixes together perfectly which really takes this single to the next level. Taken from his debut album, ‘All The Way In’ proves why you should be keeping a close eye on this emerging producer.

Stream this single below and grab your copy here.

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