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DJ Dime Prepares For Halloween With New Single \’Get Freaky\’!

As summer draws to a close, our anticipation turns toward the upcoming Halloween season, complete with its thrilling array of spooky celebrations and eerie music. Among the artists gearing up for this hauntingly delightful time of year is none other than DJ Dime, who is ready to unveil his latest single, \’Get Freaky,\’ tailored specifically for the Halloween season.

In crafting \’Get Freaky,\’ DJ Dime used both a subtle creepy vocal sample and a catchy vocal sample, and paired those with dark and moody atmospheric synths and sounds to set the tone right from the start. Each element in the composition serves as a building block for tension, skillfully leading up to the electrifying drops that do not disappoint. As the drop arrives, thumping kicks and pulsating synths combine to create an energy and intensity that is nothing short of infectious.

DJ Dime also shows off his directing skills by being the director of his new music video, \’Get Freaky.\’

This up-and-coming, multi-talented and versatile EDM artist DJ Dime, renowned for his ability to seamlessly blend diverse musical influences, showcases yet another facet of his prowess as a music producer. \’Get Freaky\’ stands as a testament to his creative versatility and artistic evolution, promising a spine-tingling listening thriller of an experience perfectly suited for the Halloween season.

Stream this single below.

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