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DJ Dime Releases Groove-Infused Dance Single ‘Dubplate’!

2023 has certainly been a standout year for DJ Dime. In just 8 months, he’s given us 5 cool new songs, and guess what? He’s not slowing down! His latest track, ‘Dubplate,’ is here to keep the party going strong. It’s a mix of groovy house music with a touch of edginess, making it another great song in DJ Dime‘s collection.

DJ Dime has a wide spectrum of musical influences that allows him to effortlessly infuse his music with a variety of sounds and styles, evident in the captivating energy of his releases. Having recently impressed with the releases of ‘Sunny Day’ and ‘What U Gonna Do’DJ Dime is back with a bang with ‘Dubplate’.

‘Dubplate’ takes a lot of inspiration from the disco and house genres, with the track being built around a catch and groovy bassline. To add some extra bits of creativity into the single, DJ Dime expertly places extra synths and vocal samples using his own voice throughout the song to keep the listener interested, all combining to create the perfect dance floor single.

Stream this single below.

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