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DJ G-String Reveals Her Trance Remix EP ‘In the Mirror’!

The Chicagoland vocal house artist and DJ, DJ G String (don’t ask, don’t tell), has released her EP of authentic trance remixes that soothe the soul and the mind and take you back to the Balearic Idylls of the late 90s.

Each of the tracks on ‘In the Mirror’ is a rework of the material that enabled her to rack up over 1 million streams on Spotify since making her official debut in 2020, and by no means is she solely reigning supreme on streaming platforms.

Currently, she’s a resident DJ on Good Groove Radio, Secret Lounge Radio, Ibiza Stardust Radio, and at the Subterranean Music Venue in Chicago. She’s also found herself featured in Run the Trap, Clash Magazine, Dancing Astronaut, We Rave You, and DJ Times.

Always is the standout track that is definitely at the more “poppy” end of the trance spectrum, lush and symphonic. ‘Your Love’ and ‘These Nights’ are slightly more minimal Paul Van Dyke/harder-edged efforts, but still with the euphoric choral vocals that would keep a classic Ibiza crowd banging.

‘Runaway’ is a more laid-back affair with Lindsay Compton sharing vocal duties for this Chriszio remix, which has a more Italo-disco housey feel. The intensity is definitely ramped up with the final track, ‘Only If’ (P5YCHOH Remix), naggingly insistent vocals relent to a sublime piano breakdown before the songs manic synthetic middle 8 takes us safely home for tea, toast, and the inevitable comedown.

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