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DJ Greyhound And Bass House Link Up Once Again On ‘Can’t Live Without You’!

Over the past 2 years, DJ Greyhound and Bass House have proved time and time again that they are a match made in heaven. Ever since the release of their first collaboration ‘Hallway 7’ in 2020, the pair of producers have worked linked up in the studio a number of times and that has led to the release of some amazing singles such as ‘Within The Feelings’, ‘I Need You’, and ‘Lose Control’ to name a few. With each collaboration, these artists make sure to blend their own styles together while also pushing the envelope that little further and that is, once again, the case for their new single.

Titled ‘Can’t Live Without You’, this brand new collaboration sees these two artists give us their take on the future rave sound that is dominating the EDM scene and they do so in epic style. The single kicks off with a catchy and instantly memorable vocal sample as DJ Greyhound and Bass House add a ton of atmosphere with pads. The tension and anticipation is slowly built towards the drop and whgen it comes, it blows us away. Pulsating synths are matched with energetic bassline and thumping low ends, making for a true hands up anthem that would rock any mainstage across the world.

Stream this single below.

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