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DJ Greyhound, Bass House & Trance Tyler Unite On Melodic Banger ‘Promise’

No strangers to working together in the studio, DJ Greyhound and Bass House have brought us some massive collabs such as ‘Can’t Live Without You’ in 2022 and ‘Within The Feelings’ in 2021. Now opening up their catalog for 2024, the two artists link up for the first time with the debuting Trance Tyler to bring us a dose of mainstage melodic energy in the form of ‘Promise’.

Always artists to bring something new and unique to our music feeds, DJ Greyhound, Bass House and Trance Tyler unite in the studio and the results are next level. They open up the single with stunning female vocals that are accompanied by melodic elements before quickly heading to the first drop which is packed with power. The melodic elements are paired with powerful sounds to give us that uplifting vibe. As the single progresses the three artists keep the energy and euphoria high.

Stream this single below.

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