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DJ Greyhound Is Back Once Again With Genre-Bending New Single ‘Tendancy’!

Ever since the release of ‘Prehistoric’ earlier this year, DJ Greyhound has not slowed down, proving that 2020 is most certainly his best year as an artist. The UK-based artist has been constantly churning out high-quality release after high-quality release, such as ‘Family’, ‘Make That Motherf***er Go Boom’, and the most recent ‘Hallway 7’ alongside Bass House. Now appearing once again with his new single ‘Tendancy’, DJ Greyhound showcases a fresh production style that we’ve never heard him come up with before.

For this single, the emerging artist throws away his usual four-on-the-floor style and incorporates a breakbeat style which brings a breath of fresh air to his style. A truly diverse artist, ‘Tendancy’ brings out another side to this artist that we’ve never heard before and in turn brings his stock up even further. With innovative drum work and fresh and infectious synths used on top, there’s no way you don’t add this single to your favorite instantly.

Stream this single belowm and grab your copy here.

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