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DJ Starfish Returns To Blackbox Records With Sizzling New Single ‘Falling’!

Ever since JONN founded his own imprint in late 2021, Blackbox Records has gone from stride to stride, releasing amazing tracks from emerging and veteran artists. Having created a family-like vibe and atmosphere with its signees, one artist who has found his home on the label is DJ Starfish. Returning once again with his 5th release on the label, DJ Starfish presents a sizzling new single ‘Falling’.

At just 25 years old, DJ Starfish is no stranger to the electronic dance music scene, having produced his own music for over 9 years now. In that time, DJ Starfish has crafted and perfected his own style of bass house music that incorporates a ton of other elements making it a fresh and unique sound that is not heard elsewhere.

This signature style can certainly be both heard and adored when you take a listen to DJ Starfish‘s new single ‘Falling’. The single kicks off with dark and moody vocals that set the tone for what’s to come. It doesn’t take long for this one to kick into the next gear as a groovy yet dark bassline is introduced, carrying the rhythm of the single. With elements of deep house and future house mixed in with his usual bass house style, this one is a sure-fire dancefloor hit.

Stream this single below.

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