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DJ Starfish Shows Diversity With New Single ‘I Love You’!

As an artist, experimenting with different sounds and styles can lead to some questionable results but when done correctly it can be an amazing thing for both the artist and their fans. With so many inspirations and influences to use within your music, with experimentation the results can be career-changing as it leads to new fans checking out your music and old fans being surprised and impressed with how innovative you get. One artist showcasing that he can step outside the box and produce something different than what we are used to is DJ Starfish as he returns to Blackbox Records with the amazing ‘I Love You’.

With his previous singles all being based around the four-on-the-floor template, this one comes as a welcome surprise as he takes elements of trap, bass, and electro to create a breakbeat single infused with details that make it sound super unique. The French artist takes a subtle yet dark route for this one, with elegant vocals taking up most of the breakdowns. But its in the drops where this one shines as he injects some raw electro-styled basslines and synths to really drive home this single and in turn, make it sound super fresh and innovative.

Stream this single below.

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