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DJ Starfish Unleashes Another Anthem In The Form Of ‘Never Leave’!

Having already treated us to two singles this year, DJ Starfish is showing no signs of slowing down as he unleashes yet another anthem, this time it’s ‘Never Leave’. Always one to diversify and showcase his ability to deliver hits in a number of genres, DJ Starfish follows up on the previous singles which were dubstep and pop dance with a true club banger.

‘Never Leave’ was made with one thing in DJ Starfish‘s mind, and that was the dance floor. A pulsating single packed to the brim with energy, the four on the floor beat that this single uses is accompanied by power atmospheric synth work that injects tons of energy into the production. The Parisian artist also showcases his production prowess for the breakdowns as he utilizes catchy and addictive vocals and melody work to really grab your attention. All elements coming together make for a stunning end product and yet another reason why DJ Starfish should be on your ones to watch lists.

Stream this single below.

Valentin Bapst, born in Arras on July 29, 1997, began his musical career on guitar when he was 10 years old. In 2014, during the main square festival, he attended the Skrillex concert. Passionate about this electronic musical style, this young artist bought his first Pioneer-SB controller and embarked on a career as a DJ. Starting with the mix, he quickly began to produce and released his first title, and as DJ Starfish that he would make freely available on the networks. Now since 2022, DJ Starfish has been constantly releasing his originals with ‘Never Leave’ being his latest.

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