Don T. Drops Killer Single ‘Talking Points’ ft. Willie Walker BH!

When Chance the Rapper won his second Grammy for “Best Rap Album” he talked about the importance of remaining an independent artist, even name-dropping a streaming website: “Shout out to SoundCloud for holding me down,”  he said. With the rise of hip hop, rap and r&b on the platform, it has created a market for many emerging artists to showcase their talents. One of these rising artists hoping to make it big is the very talented Don T. Over the past 8 years, Don T. has uploaded 30 tracks showing his growth as an artist along the way.

One of his latest singles taking the platform by storm is ‘Talking Points’ alongside Willie Walker BH. Following a certain flow, Don T. cleverly brings up multiple ‘Talking Points’ which bring out the inner thoughts while listening. With creative bars and innovative lyric work, Don T. proves his talents once again with yet another high-quality release.

Stream this single below.

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