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Dope New Rap Single From Elfrechiesmok!

Independent rapper Elfrechiesmok has been making waves across the online Hip Hop scene through quality raps such as ‘Go Hard Freestyle’, ‘Tropical’, ‘Turn Up 1 Time’ and many more. As an independent rapper online, it can be tough to gain any following or traction on your raps due to the sheer volume of music available online lately. However, Elfrechiesmok has been gaining a steady fan base over the years with his follower count hitting 2,000 just a couple weeks ago.

Towards the tail end of 2018, Elfrechiesmok released one of his most popular raps to date ‘Dragon Ball’. His very thick and clean vocals take up the bulk of this release with the instrumental only being used to further his rapping. He incorporates multiple styles of free styling and rapping to make this a very easy listen. If you are a fan of Hip Hop and Rap, you should keep a close eye on Elfrechiesmok.

Stream this single below.

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