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DYMND Unveils Spectacular 2nd Original Release ‘One Lie’ Alongside Alessia Labate!

DYMND may not be a name you are aware of but when you take a listen to his work you will be blown away. What he lacks in experience, he more than makes up for with sheer and raw talent. DYMND is the musical alias of a 24-year-old Italian artist who has always had a massive passion for music and production. His musical journey began in June 2019 with the release of a remix of ‘Kills You Slowly’ by The Chainsmokers which was officially supported by the latter. For what is only his second original production, DYMND knocks it out of the park once again by teaming up with vocalist Alessia Labate on ‘One Lie’.

Alessia Labate is no stranger to the dance music scene, with the 23-year-old having previously appeared on well-respected labels such as NCS, STMPD RCRDS, Loudkult, Smash The House, and Revealed Recordings just to name a few. This king of talent doesn’t go unnoticed and Alessia has been receiving playtime from big acts such as Martin Garrix and Nicky Romero. Now appearing alongside DYMND, these two artists make a fantastic pairing.

The project started from a difficult personal moment for the boy. The song is about a fantastic relationship but which ultimately turns out to be an illusion. The deep sounds and atmospheres of the song convey nostalgia but also decision, anger, and recording. They reflect one of the many aspects of the DYMND project. Featuring the amazing vocals of Alessia Labate, this nostalgic and motivational track is here to get you through tough times. “Dedicated to people who have found the strength to be reborn after a pain, an illusion” is the phrase that encompasses the cycle of this song. By layering its image and sound into symbolism, DYMND represents duality, hardness, and brilliance.

Stream this single below or on your favorite platform here.

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