Dynamic Artists Maliboux And Nitti Gritti Circle Back With Their Second Collab Together!

Maliboux and Nitti Gritti are stepping back into the frame with their next joint production, a new single due out on Insomniac Music Group.

Even though Nitti Gritti may be sitting on a much more extensive catalog than the ultra-hyped producer Maliboux, both of these artists seem to stack up evenly when it comes to taking a dynamic approach to breaking down music barriers. With their latest co-creation, this restless versatility truly comes to life as they concoct the perfect primetime bass offering that is nearly impossible to pin down. Opening up with chiming percussive hits and sweeping cinematic strings, the raw power of their “Rock N Roll” collaboration lays dormant while mellifluous arpeggiations and harmonious vocalizations guide the listener right into its trap. As soon as the thud of the drums are added to the equation, the entire energy takes a quick detour—and true to form—shows the pair of producers flexing their sonic mobility via frenetic, rollicking synth shrills that take on a number of permutations from brain-blistering dubstep to bouncy bass house.

This cross-continental collab between L.A.’s Maliboux and Miami’s Nitti Gritti is not the first time we’ve seen them rocking the studio together. Back in 2018, Nitti Gritti tapped the talents of Maliboux on the genre-blending “I Got It,” the second cut from Nitti’s four-track ‘Drive’ EP on Mad Decent.

“This song originally started out as the outro of our previous collaboration ‘I Got It,’—I even sampled the vocals in the first drop to pay tribute,” says Maliboux. “Every time Nitti and I team up, something amazing happens. We have very similar visions yet unique creative differences that stand out from each other. Nitti is one of the most talented producers I know, and I love working with him whenever I get the chance.”

“I made a record over a year ago with Maliboux, and we actually started the follow-up song immediately, so we’ve technically been working on this that whole time,” adds Nitti Gritti. “I love making tunes together and this one was so much fun to play live and get a reaction to.” Since they originally linked up to hammer out the aforementioned hybrid trap tune, “I Got It,” Nitti Gritti has placed a well-deserved Grammy on his mantel, as well as racking up over a million plays alongside Wuki on their “We Don’t Stop” single on Insomniac Music Group. Maliboux, on the other hand, has kept the momentum moving in his favor by readying his forthcoming ‘Most Wanted’ EP. A couple of years wiser and with more experience under each of their belts, it’s great to see them circle back around to keep the surprises coming in the form of “Rock N Roll.”

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