Edy Marron Unveils Funky House Single ‘Sunset Wave’!

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Edy Marron Unveils Funky House Single ‘Sunset Wave’!

Having already given us two amazing releases in the form of ‘Gone’ and ‘Trust’, Edy Marron is making sure no one forgets that name as just 3 months into the new year he has unveiled his 3rd release of the year. Having made his debut on the highly respected Spinnin’ Records at the end of 2021, the pressure was on for Edy to follow it up and style and those two releases surely did so, with this third one cementing the theory that Edy Marron cannot be stopped.

Always one to step outside the box and deliver a fresh sound, ‘Sunset Wave’ showcases a groovy house style that we’ve yet to hear from Edy Marron. The single opens up with rhythmic drum samples and soulful synth work that set the tone for this single perfectly. It doesn’t take long for wonderful male vocals to then be introduced, perfectly complimenting the previously mentioned synth work. In a chill way, the drop comes a little unexpected but that doesn’t take away from its groove as the male vocals continue with elegant funky synths and groovy basslines act as the perfect companion. Yet another amazing release, this single showcases just how diverse and talented Edy Marron can be when he steps into the studio.

Stream this single below.

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