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Electronic Pop Duo ILLUZIONS Close Out 2022 With Their Second Single ‘In Love’!

Founded by the talents of Bayla G and Felium, ILLUZIONS is an electronic pop duo launched earlier this year. Through a shared vision, this project’s goal is to connect with their audience on a deeper level, especially making it relatable for those who might share similar emotions to what the songs and visuals are portraying. ILLUZIONS hopes that their music can become an emotional therapy for its audience.

The duo would kick off this project with the release of their debut single titled ‘Heartbeat’, an excellent single that proved to be the perfect introduction for what ILLUZIONS was going to bring to the table. Now as we enter the final days of the year, ILLUZIONS end their debut year in style with the release of ‘In Love’.

Much more of that sound they introduced with their debut single, ‘In Love’ is a melodic-driven deep house song featuring a mix between smooth and silky vocals and hard-hitting full synths. Showing a different side to their debut single, this one holds a lot more energy and when it gets moving you are really introduced to the potential that these two artists hold when they come into the studio together. With a catchy hook and a strong attention to detail, this song creates a festival-like atmosphere that people can dance to. The avant-garde structure of the song counteracts the repetitiveness of the chorus, keeping listeners intrigued throughout. The lyrics explore the need for an intimate feeling. They capture the fear of being isolated in a world where emotional connections are crucial to thrive. ‘In Love’ shows us why you need to be keeping a close eye on this duo in the new year.

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