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Eran Hersh Delivers In Style With Amazing EDC Orlando Set [MIX]

Another EDC Orlando has come and gone and as we reminisce on a wonderful weekend of music, the stand out sets start to be discussed a lot more. One of our picks of the weekend is from Eran Hersh as he took control of the Corona Electric Beach on Saturday. An artist who has been killing it with each and every release, his sets are highly regarded as the cream of the crop and his performance on this stage solidified beyond any doubt that he is one of the brightest talents to come from the USA.

Expertly transitioning from song to song without any hiccups is expected but the way Eran glides through each single and blends the tones and sounds together is a work of art. His perfect track selection played up to the beach vibe and with many of his own singles and remixes included, the party vibes were felt. Our only complaint is this mix lasts for 1 hour, we would have loved to hear what he could have done with a longer time slot so press play and let the wonderful sounds of Eran Hersh take you on a journey.

Stream this set below.

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