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Eric Morgan Unleashes High Energetic Production ‘Booty Bouncin’!

Hailing from LA, Eric Morgan attended and completed 4 top-notch music schools (DubspotSAE InstituteBeatlab Academy, and Icon Collective). Not only does Eric have 4+ years of DJ experience, but he has also played at many venues in Southern California such as Jospeh’s, Los GlobosBagatelleFaultline, and Sharks Cove, just to name a few. Spending his early 20’s creating mixes in AbletonEric has over 30 hours of finished mixes which consists of a handful of different genres. Eric’s sound is best described as heavy bass noises with some bouncy quirkiness incorporated to form an incredibly unique style. Today, Eric is primarily producing bass house, Melbourne bounce, and dubstep tracks. Eric continues to strive for success so that his music will find the best parties and dance floors in the world. Returning to our sound systems once again, the signature electro and bass house style of Eric Morgan is on full show with ‘Booty Bouncin‘.

Eric Morgan sets the tone for a “crazy” production right from the start as he uses police sirens in a smart way to signal what is to come from this single. As the single progresses, he adds a memorable and catchy vocal sample and slowly builds tension for the drop. The tension reaches a fever-pitch and then Eric Morgan drops his signature high energy and pulsating sound as the drop hits. Eclectic synths then take center stage as thick basslines back it up and make sure they leave your speakers shaking. A true statement, you should keep a close eye on this producer as we head toward the end of the year.

Stream this single below.

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