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Eric State Releases Incredible Infectious Production ‘Somebody Real’!

Eric State is an exciting, energetic DJ based in the Netherlands. Starting his career at the young age of 15, he slowly worked his way up the ranks, holding down residencies in bars and clubs all over Europe. In 2014, his wife gave birth to their son, which in turn put his career on hold…until now, as he comes bouncing right back with his track ‘Somebody Real’. Eric, who specializes in vocally supported electronic dance music with a feel-good vibe, dug deep into his crate to find the original recording of ‘Somebody Real’ by Bit Machine, a song well known in Holland back in the nineties. He made it his own now, with his second release ‘Somebody Real’.

Previously mentioned, Eric State‘s signature style of uplifting vocal house shines through in this release. This single kicks off with powerful vocals that are joined by beautiful sounding plucks. Before long, Eric injects a dance party feel with infectious piano and synths work that is sure to get any dance floor moving. The creative middle section of this single shows off the innovation of Eric State within the studio and takes this single to the next level. With only his second release, Eric State is proving to be an artist to keep a close eye on,

Stream this single below and grab your free download here.

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