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FāëM Unveils Stunning Remix Of ‘Like I Care’ By April Maey

Being her only release of 2023, April Maey‘s ‘Like I Care’ was certainly something special. Taking the route of quality of quantity last year, this single continued that hot streak of hits that we’ve come to expect from April Maey. Now, the easy listening pop single gets a stunning dance music makeover courtesy of FāëM.

Taking all the elements that made the original what it is, FāëM adds sultry and elegant elements, turning it into a wonderful deep house track that transports you to a sexy beach club. Vocals from April Maey are ever present in this one but the luscious synths and melodies that FāëM adds into the single just takes it to the next level and adds another dimension to the already amazing track.

This collaboration between April Maey and FāëM showcases an exciting evolution of ‘Like I Care’, and is a must-hear for fans of innovative, deep house music.

Stream this remix below.

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