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Fantom Releases His First EP – The Incredible 5-Track ‘Shadows’!

Fantom is a San Diego-based musical exploration of sound, combining mysterious and enchanting acoustic piano tracks with EDM drops. The spirit of the music is meant to utilize the sharp contrast between the two styles of sounds to further exemplify the characteristics of each.

‘Shadows’ is the first EP release from artist Fantom, and is meant to both delight and energize with the flow and impact of the sound. All tracks feature original piano compositions and recordings from pianist Chetan Tierra. Within this EP, Fantom showcases his talent and diversity as a producer as he expertly blends his own style with Chetan Tierra‘s signature compositions and recordings.

The EP kicks off in grand style with ‘Visions From Earth’, a monstrous single packed to the brim with power. The two artists’ styles can be heard on full show for this one and make it the perfect opener. Next up we’ve got ‘Divided Consciousness’, a slightly brighter single compared to the last which still packs a punch for its main section. Both ‘Unravelling Dimensions’ and ‘Midnight Rose’ are next and if by now you will be well introduced to the signature sound of Fantom. His intensity brought to each single and its electro-infused synths used make for a very unique style that when combined with Chetan Tierra it really takes it to the next level. The EP is topped off perfectly with the final single ‘Ascension’, a complete switch up on styles as Fantom aims for a more upbeat pop-dance number that once again showcases that anything Fantom touches turns to gold.

Chetan, a Yamaha Artist, pianist, and composer has delighted audiences across the globe in recital, as soloist with orchestra, and on radio and TV. He has performed on some of the world’s most renowned concert stages after making strong and winning appearances in the most prestigious international piano competitions such as the Queen Elisabeth, Van Cliburn, Jose Iturbi, Hilton Head, New Orleans, Unisa, and Seoul. Revenue and donations received benefit NAMI, the National Alliance for Mental Illness

Stream this EP below.

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