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Fantom Takes Beethoven’s ‘Fifth Symphony’ & Turns It Into A Dubstep Banger!

Fantom, an up-and-coming dance music artist, is about to amaze fans once again with his latest track, ‘Paradox’. This highly anticipated song breaks new ground in the EDM genre by combining beautiful piano melodies with thrilling EDM and dubstep drops. ‘Paradox’ is Fantom‘s third single, following the debut EP ‘Shadows’ in 2021. Get ready to be mesmerized by the captivating and contradictory charm of Fantom‘s latest release, as it takes Beethoven‘s ‘Fifth Symphony’ melodies and transforms them into bass-heavy dubstep.

Fantom‘s music has a unique and innovative sound that defies expectations, blending contrasting elements of piano and electronic sounds in a harmonious way. By embracing the power of EDM, Fantom skillfully combines the delicate emotions of acoustic piano with the pulsating energy of EDM and dubstep drops. The result is a captivating fusion of genres that will undoubtedly captivate fans of both acoustic and electronic music.

‘Paradox’ takes listeners on a sonic journey from the enchanting notes of the acoustic piano to a world of paradoxes. As the tension builds with Beethoven‘s ‘Fifth Symphony’ melody, the song unleashes explosive electronic drops, immersing listeners in infectious beats and euphoric melodies.

Stream this single below.

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