Faucon Is Back With An Incredible Two Track EP!

We covered the previous release Just Ask’ from Faucon which was sure to please any fans of electronic music. Just over 1 month later and he is back yet again with a stunning EP, which to no surprise is made up of two solid productions. Texas native Faucon has a big passion for music and this shows with the character that is injected into his productions. As a young adult, he found a passion for DJ’ing, feeling the grooves in the disks made him feel connected to the music but he still yearned for more creativity. With his growing fervency for music and quest for experience Faucon finally began to shine light on persisting in music production.

This ‘Legend’ EP is made up of two spectacular singles, ‘Legend’ and ‘Matchless’. The first single incorporates all the upbeat elements within Faucon‘s repertoire. ‘Legend’ is brimming over with positive vibes as funky synths and rhythmic samples are on show. ‘Matchless’ takes those same elements but gives them a darker tone as he adds deep sounding synths into the mix which really show off the dynamic range of Faucon as a producer. The two singles are intertwined with the same vibes which makes this EP a very enjoyable listen.

Stream this EP below and grab your copy here.

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