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FELICE Returns With An Incredible 4-Track EP Titled ‘Back In Time’.

Having released 3 incredible singles this past year, the wait for new music by FELICE is finally over. Wanting to follow up on 2022 in the perfect way, FELICE does just that as he brings us a 4-track EP packed with some incredible tracks. The EP, titled ‘Back In Time’, contains 4 brand new singles that showcase yet another production style of FELICE that we’ve not heard from his previous releases.

FELICE has been a passionate music fan since he was 11 years old and started DJing at 15. Having been a DJ for over a decade, his experience has grown over the years and he is now taking that experience and applying it within the studio. A versatile performer, this transitions perfectly into the studio as he works within a number of genres, taking inspiration from all that can fall under the dance and pop music umbrella. This is on full show in his brand new 4-track EP ‘Back In Time’.

The EP opens with the captivating ‘Feel The Rain,’ a melodic deep house track that sets the tone for the entire collection. Its sultry synths and clean vocals instantly draw you in. Following that, we have ‘Burnin’, which maintains the same addictive vibes but puts a slight emphasis on the arpeggiated main hook. The title track, ‘Back In Time,’ continues the trend of vocal-driven singles, focusing on a rhythmic bassline that carries the groove. Lastly, we have ‘Fire,’ a perfect closing single. Throughout the EP, each track shares similar vibes while maintaining its unique identity, making it a seamless and enjoyable listening experience from start to finish.

Stream this EP below.

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