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Fellow Traveler Finally Unveils New Album ‘Nurture’!

Having covered his previous releases ‘Silhouettes’, ‘Sacred Sword’, and ‘Trees’, we have been anticipating the full release of Fellow Traveler‘s album ‘Nurture’, and it’s finally here. Gift wrapped in all of its glory and packed with 11 pieces of electronic goodness, this one is sure to please all over the world as Fellow Traveler showcases a fresh and pleasuring sound with each and every track.

The album kicks off with ‘Innocence’, a delightful production that uses easy-listening melodies and blends them with humming vocals from Fellow Traveler. The perfect introduction to this album, Fellow Traveler then follows it up in style with ‘Building Blocks’, a single that sounds quite familiar to what has come before but with a darker, more monotone feeling to it. ‘Trees’, ‘Silhouettes’, and then ‘Good Day’ bring us to the middle section of the album, tying things together in the perfect way with natural synthesizers and vibes.

The album takes a switch as ‘Crunch Time’ comes. A darker single than what came before, this one uses distorted sounds and lower tones to create a unique sound. These darker tones are then continued with ‘Imagine The Impossible’ before ‘Butterfly’ then brings us back to a brighter tone. ‘Pretend’ and ‘Scared Sword’ are up next as they bring yet another fresh sound of electronic to the table, letting us end the album in style when ‘Shaman’s Ritual’.

With each track being just as good as the other and offering that signature Fellow Traveler sound but in different ways, this album is a fantastic listen from front to back.

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