Fetii Drops Brand New Fire With ‘Dithyramb’!

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Fetii Drops Brand New Fire With ‘Dithyramb’!

Having made a wonderful first impression with his debut single ‘Lights’ last year, Fetii has been determined to follow it up with the right singles and he has done so perfectly. By creating a positive first impression, the pressure was on for his follow-up single and he knocked it out of the park with ‘Beat Syndrome‘. Born in Greece but currently based in the Netherlands, Fetii has showcased that he loves to create powerful tunes and his brand new single is no different.

Working hard in the studio, the results can be heard with his new single ‘Dithyramb’. Although his previous singles were steeped with big room influences, this single sees him venture into the electro and bass house world as he keeps his powerful style but adds raw and gritty synths into the mix which come together to create a banger. Dark tones and mainstage vibes are plentiful in this single and Fetii tops the single off perfectly with the male vocals samples. Yet another banger, Fetii is making sure to are paying attention when he appears on our new music feeds.

Stream this single below.

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