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Florian Cassiede And Mazro Unleash Anthemic Vocal Single ‘Back Then’ ft. Moav!

With both artists on a roll, constantly appearing on our new music feeds with incredible releases, it’s no surprise that when Florian Cassiede and Mazro come together to release a single that it is something special. They do not come alone however, as the pair of producers link up with the incredibly talented vocalist Moav to deliver ‘Back Then’.

The anonymous artist Mazro is a talented and independent DJ and producer coming out of Coachella, California. He has been in the music scene since the young age of 8 and has strong roots in the music industry before putting a mask,  he displays a unique sounds of high end production. He unveiled his debut single, ‘Echo’, in 2022 and has not looked back since, wowing listeners with his passion and talent for electronic dance music.

Florian Cassiede is a 24-year-old French DJ/Producer with a unique musical style that continues to evolve and captivate listeners. With a proven track record of delivering electrifying performances on the stage along scintillating producers, this Frenchman has certainly proved to be one of the brightest and exciting talents to come from the European country.

And last but certainly not least we’ve got Moav, an 19-year-old singer-songwriter from Western Australia. He began producing music in 2017 when he fell in love with the idea of creating music and was all in from there. Working on some incredible music by himself as well as with amazing artists. 

Together, these three have truly created something special with the release of ‘Back Then’. Bringing out their emotional and uplifting side for this one, the trio lay down an emotional tone right from the offset. Light piano melodies are paired with relatable lyrics that are about going through hardships and escaping those to find yourself again. These vocals then build towards the drop where the energy for this one is stored. Hands in the air synths and melodies then take center stage as the energy and euphoria is maximized. A special release, we hope it’s not the last time we see these three artists on the same track.

Stream this single below.

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