Access Code Indicated Under30 Forbes Announces Release With Rising Pop Singer BellSavvy On American Record Label Blue Dream Music Group!

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Access Code Indicated Under30 Forbes Announces Release With Rising Pop Singer BellSavvy On American Record Label Blue Dream Music Group!

The Brazilian DJ, Access Code, who has been gaining more and more prominence in the international electronic music scene, was one of the nominees for the Forbes Brazil Under30 in the year 2021.

Forbes‘ Under30 highlights the brightest entrepreneurs, musicians, creators, and game-changers under 30 who are revolutionizing business and changing the world. Each candidate is evaluated according to a series of objective and subjective criteria and metrics, such as revenue, creativity, uniqueness, actual and projected social benefits, the number of people impacted (and to what extent), and short, medium, and long-term potential. Each category has its own jury, which will help elect the 90 Under30 winners.

DJ Access Code, nominated in the music category has had a strong presence and influence not only in the music scene, but as a United Nations volunteer recognized for her role as president of the official music club for Girl Up, a campaign founded by the United Nations in 2010 as an initiative to support underprivileged teenage girls and women fighting for gender equality. Access Code was invited to become the president of the music club and has become a prominent Champion of the foundation, alongside celebrities such as Cara Delevingne, Monique Coleman, Victoria Justice, and others. 

This is not the only project that the DJ does positive influencing work in society. She is one of the pioneering volunteers of the Tim Bergling Institution, an institution founded by the parents of famous DJ Avicii, to support and help young people with depression around the world. Access Code donates 30% of her annual revenue from streams on music platforms and music sales to the foundation. In addition to these projects, Access Code met all the criteria for its Forbes nomination and caught the magazine’s eye.

Recently the Forbes nominee announced a new collaboration called ‘Moon on Earth’ in partnership with London’s rising star, Bellsavvy.

Bellsavvy, who is also from Brazil, has been one of the biggest highlights in pop music at the moment. Accumulating more than 4 million plays on all digital platforms, the singer has her name linked to major websites such as Billboard, BBC, and Hollywood Life. The partnership has caused comments on social networks and much is expected of this song.

The release of the single will have two versions, the radio edit and the extended version for DJs. The track announcement was marked by the American independent record label, Blue Dream Music Group, which hosts one of the best rakings of streams in the American scene, having in its catalog of artists the rapper Career The Brain and influence with great American rappers like Eminem and Travis Scott.

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