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FoxPaws Showcases Incredible Production Skills With ‘The Novelist’!

FoxPaws is a classically trained pianist, vocalist, and self-taught guitarist born in Detroit but based in Las Vegas. He has been obsessed with EDM since long before “EDM” was even part of the language. FoxPaws is no stranger to the music industry, having been writing music all his life, building a catalog of well over 100 original songs. Having dipped his toes into several other worlds, FoxPaws is now moving into the electronic dance music world. On his switch from being in bands to being an electronic dance music producer, FoxPaws said: “Computers and DAW’s are musical instruments now.”

When it comes to producing, FoxPaws has a different approach. “My process is a bit different than most of the other electronic music producers I know. They can create a whole track using just their DAW. I’ve tried that method and the results are always terrible. I can only write music on the piano or guitar. I have the melody and structure of the song (and sometimes lyrics) in place before I enter my recording studio. Once it’s in the DAW, I just screw around with it.” says FoxPaws.

Today we’re taking a look at ‘The Novelist’, which originally started out as a downtempo piano ballad at first. Taking inspiration from a diverse set of artists such as deadmau5, Thom Yorke (Radiohead), Aaron Marsh (Copeland), Madeon, and Porter Robinson among others, FoxPaws really showcases his original production sound with this track. As the single plays, you find yourself being trapped within, as FoxPaws‘ life-like sounds start to take you on a journey. A real masterpiece, any fan of electronic dance music should enjoy ‘The Novelist’.

Stream this single below, grab your copy here and follow FoxPaws on Facebook here.

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