FR3SH TrX Delivers With Brilliant New Single ‘Still Dream About U’!

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FR3SH TrX Delivers With Brilliant New Single ‘Still Dream About U’!

Launching the project of FR3SH TrX in 2021, Sven Hessel would go on to release 6 brand new singles, each just as good as the previous. With momentum on his side, FR3SH TrX closed out 2021 in style as he dropped ‘Still Dream About U’. A deep house single with future house and pop influences, this one is bursting with emotion thanks to its warm sounds and catchy, soulful, and thoughtful lyrics, making it ideal for the cold season. The pop structure with earworm character ensures that the track not only works in the club but also internationally on every playlist and on the radio. It simply gives you a good feeling.

FR3SH TrX is the brand new project from producer, guitarist, and KHB Music label owner Sven Hessel. But it is not the first time that Sven has swapped the executive chair for the mixing console and the stage. He already had various dance charts placements with the country-techno project Fortnox in the 90s and was successful with the power pop band Hella Donna. As FR3SH TrX, Sven has started a completely new genre and has already exceeded his expectations by far with the debut single ‘Tonight in Los Angeles’, gaining over 250 thousand streams on Spotify, 1 million streams on TikTok, chart placements and airplay worldwide over 100 channels. ‘It Burns Me’, the second single, caused also a sensation with 135 thousand streams and corresponding feedback from radios, playlist curators, and music blogs. His next releases, ’Alien Queen’ & ’Universe’ with B.Infinite and ’You Got Me‘ with O’Neal, gained over 300 thousand streams combined, further proving the success of this project. ‘Still Dream About U’ is a worthy follow-up and will certainly be able to consolidate the position of FR3SH TrX in the international DJ & producer scene.

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