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FR3SH TrX Keeps Up Insane Release Schedule With The Amazing ‘Better’ Via KHB Music!

When it comes to quality over quantity, one artist throwing away the manual that created that saying is FR3SH TrX. 13 releases in 13 months, Sven Hessel aka FR3SH TrX has certainly been busy in the studio. Although he has only released music under the “FR3SH TrX” name since 2021, Sven Hessel is no stranger to the music scene and that is certainly shown with the quality and frequency of his releases. Having released 6 new tracks in 2021, we’ve already been treated to more than that in 2022 with FR3SH TrX dropping his 7th single, the amazing ‘Better’.

While his collab with Tom Skobe ‘Laila’ is still in various dance charts, the German producer and KHB Music boss is certainly following it up in style with this one. The single combines classic house elements and driving beats with modern sounds and is embedded in a radio-friendly pop structure that is refined by dynamic vocals. All these elements come together perfectly with FR3SH TrX‘s expert production prowess and the result is a truly amazing single that would not feel out of place on any radio station or dance floor across the globe.

Stream this single below or on your favorite platform here.

FR3SH TrX is the brand new project from producer, guitarist, and KHB Music label owner Sven Hessel. But it is not the first time that Sven has swapped the executive chair for the mixing console and the stage. He already had various dance charts placements with the country-techno project Fortnox in the 90s and was successful with the power pop band Hella Donna.

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