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Frabbeatz And Martin Acosta Team Up On The Amazing Single ‘Souvenir’!

Having been a DJ for more than 10 years, Frabbeatz made the transition to producing a couple of years ago and he has not looked back since. With the pressure of making the perfect first impression, Frabbeatz was determined to make it the best impression he could and he certainly did that when he teamed up with Martin Acosta on ‘Souvenir’.

“This song was a heart project for me,” said Frabbeatz. “I am a person with an open and positive nature, so this song spreads that positive vibe too. ‘Souvenir’ is the best track to bring old memories back and celebrate them with the new ones,” he continued.

Getting some help from songwriter Mike James on this one, ‘Souvenir’ is a super upbeat and uplifting progressive house track that would not feel out of place at any festival or club around the world. Frabbeatz expertly matches the amazing vocals from Martin Acosta with euphoric melodies and blissful synths, resulting in an amazing end product that we just can’t get enough of. With new music on the horizon, Frabbeatz is certainly one to watch out for as an artist on the rise.

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