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Fully Focus & Sofiya Nzau Pioneer New “Kikuyu House” Genre With ‘Mwanake’

When it comes to innovating and being the guiding force behind a brand new sound, look no further than Fully Focus and Sofiya Nzau. After going viral on the hit ‘Mwaki’, Fully Focus teams up with Sofiya Nzau to present us with ‘Mwanake’, the lead single from his brand new EP ‘Kikuyu House’. This brand new EP is the brain child of Fully Focus as he reimagines elements of Kikuyu music and blends them together with house music sounds to create a brand new sound that is set to take over the world in no time.

The lead single, ‘Mwanake’, demonstrates this brand new sound to perfection. Fully Focus and Sofiya Nzau blend traditional Kikuyu music with modern house music sounds, paying homage to the original Kenyan song while injecting a modern twist. The single aims to bridge generational gaps and celebrate African music for a global audience. The song tells a story of unexpected love, echoing themes from legendary Kikuyu singer JB Maina’s earlier hit ‘Tiga Kumute’.

Speaking on the release, Fully Focus said, “‘Mwanake ’is more than just a song; it’s the heart of the ‘Kikuyu House’ project. We aimed to honor the rich musical tradition of the Kikuyu culture while presenting it in a format that resonates with today’s borderless audience. This EP, starting with ‘Mwanake,’ is a journey through time, culture, and sound.”

Sofiya Nzau added: “Working on ‘Mwanake’ was an enlightening experience, blending the traditional with the contemporary. This song, and the entire ‘Kikuyu House’ EP, represents a new chapter in our musical heritage, making it accessible and relatable to everyone, regardless of where they are in the world.”

‘Mwanake’ is available to stream on all major platforms here and gives listeners a taste of what to expect from the ‘Kikuyu House’ EP and sound.

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