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Futuristic Artist DISCOTEK Proves To Be A Major Spark In Dance Music Scene!

The year is 2250 and over 36 billion occupy the planet, but they are not all humans. Cyborgs and AI robots have advanced and taken over the world, creating a new world order. Through this struggle, humans were given bottom-of-the-barrel jobs as the cyborgs and robots reigned supreme. A veteran “junker”, DISCOTEK has the job of collecting and recycling old tech, materials, and other recyclables for his leaders. DISCOTEK‘s life was flipped upside when out collecting he stumbled his way across a pair of old CDJs and decided to bring that back to life. After getting them back in shape, he pressed play and his whole life changed.

Once he started DJing, he was instantly filled with a flurry of flashbacks from before the war started. Everything that he saw was unknown to him, with humans partying to the sounds of dance music. This would be such a crucial turning point in the life of DISCOTEK as he saw a new opportunity for a new life. Determined to make sure he would never be a “junker” again, DISCOTEK spent night and day honing his skills and is now one of the brightest artists in the ai-driven world.

Just 9 releases (Sony Music Asia w/Pink Panda, Future House Music w/Kuba & Neitan, Actuation w/Juicy M, 2Dutch, Playbox, Multiplayer…) have come from DISCOTEK but that does not take away from the quality that he has brought to the table. An artist not scared to step out of his box, he has ventured into the world of bass, big room, electro, tech, and anything that may fall in between the bracket. For his most recent single, DISCOTEK bring a modern touch to ‘Benny Benassi, Gary Go – Cinema’. With those iconic vocals, they pair them with a sultry and infectious bassline that is addictive you won’t be able to yourself but press replay over and over.

Make sure to keep a close eye on this artist as he rises through the ranks.

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