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Fx Logik Delivers With Epic Speed Garage Single ‘Back To You’!

Marking a triumphant return to the world of speed garage, influential artist Fx Logik unveils his latest track, ‘Back To You’. Known for his impactful contributions to the genre, Fx Logik‘s new release is a powerful testament to the enduring appeal of UK Garage and Bassline House.

‘Back To You’ stands out with its soul-stirring vocals that weave a tale of personal revival and reconnection. The track’s lyrics are intentionally open-ended, inviting listeners to find their own meaning in the evocative message. The production skillfully traverses a variety of sub-genres, showcasing Fx Logik‘s versatility and deep understanding of the musical landscape.

In a notable collaboration, ‘Back To You’ features Huxley, a revered figure in the UK music scene known for his distinctive sound. Huxley‘s touch is evident in the remix, which retains the original’s unmistakable vocal hook and infuses it with his unique flair. This collaboration is a nod to the nostalgic vibes of legendary acts like Daft Punk, yet it remains distinctly forward-looking.

With its blend of emotive vocals, genre-blending production, and the collaboration between two powerhouse artists, ‘Back To You’ is set to light up playlists and dance floors alike. Stay tuned for this sure-fire player in the world of speed garage and beyond.

Stream this single below.

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