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Gelow And Lukas Beck Link Up On ‘You Tell Me’ ft. ZĒL!

Three talented artists, Gelow, Lukas Beck, and ZĒL, have joined forces to bring you their latest collaboration titled ‘You Tell Me’. Gelow has been a prominent figure in the dance music scene since his debut in 2020, consistently delivering hit tracks that have earned him a dedicated following. Lukas Beck, a gifted 16-year-old, may be new to his artist journey, but his raw talent and determination more than compensate for his lack of experience. Lastly, we have ZĒL, formerly known as John Long, who adopted this fresh alias to explore a pop-driven sound, yielding fantastic results.

After working on ‘You Tell Me’ since 2022, these three artists decided that the summertime was the perfect moment to release this single. The song is a vocal-driven masterpiece, exuding feel-good and sunny vibes that will keep you hooked. With sultry synths, luscious melodies, and powerful vocals, this production is an absolute treat for the ears. You’ll find yourself replaying it over and over in the weeks and months to come.

The collaborative effort is released via Planet Dance Music, showcasing each artist’s unique signature sound in a creative blend that truly shines. Get ready to be swept away by the magic of ‘You Tell Me’ and let these three talents brighten up your music playlist.

Stream this single below and on all other platforms here.

picture taken by @mike_ntl

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