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GG Magree Goes Full Pop-Punk on Vulnerable Seven-Track EP ‘Dichotomy’ On Monstercat!

Australian producer and singer-songwriter GG Magree unveils her most personal body of work to date, delivering her debut EP ‘Dichotomy’ on Monstercat. The seven-track package sees her embrace a raw pop-punk repertoire in its gorgeous strings, thrashing guitars, and haunting lyricism – a style that has influenced her artistry since day one. Spanning tracks that traverse pleasure and pain, the aptly titled single ‘BITCH’ bars no emotion with GG balancing gritty screams between devilishly sweet vocals from singer-songwriter, Royal & The Serpent.

GG shares, “‘BITCH’ is my beautiful tragic love story. It was inspired by a life experience I had dating a narcissistic psycho who treated me like shit, so I left him behind and wrote “BITCH”. While writing it, I fell in love with my best friend Royal & The Serpent. She was the real relationship that was meant to last.”

Detailing how good and evil can beautifully coexist, ‘Dichotomy’ is both an impressive showcase of GG’s depth as a musician, and a memoir of the toxic relationships that fueled her songwriting. From the dark piano ballad that forms the “Intro,” to the twisted euphoria in ‘Blood Rush’, it’s a swinging pendulum of her highs and lows spun into punchy verses and soul-baring visuals.

On the EP, GG adds, “Have you ever seen life in black and white? Most can only see in color. I look up at the moon and only feel the sun. The forks in my veins dualize good and evil. Maybe that’s why I only cry happy tears. Welcome to my dichotomy.”

Coming off widely-praised live performances with her full band at Coachella last month, GG will continue to dominate the tour circuit with a string of headline dates and major festivals including EDC Las Vegas, Rampage, and Tomorrowland. Meanwhile on the big screen, fans can look forward to catching GG alongside best friend and famed actress Vanessa Hudgens as they unveil their own TV series that follows them exploring paranormal activity.

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