GunFight Discharges Killer New Track: “Lethal”

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GunFight Discharges Killer New Track: “Lethal”

Riding high off his release of “Purgatory” in January, Texan EDM producer, GunFight is back for another round with his brand-new track, “Lethal.” Let’s take a quick moment to introduce this rising talent, GunFight has been experimenting with his sound for the past few years, gathering and growing his following which has watched him evolve. “Hard-work ethics, and solid manifestation” are the key ingredients to his successes thus far and given the overwhelmingly positive response to his first track of the year, it’s safe to assume “Lethal” is going to go even harder. 

The track is a fantastic blend between rock music and midtempo bass music, held together with stunning female vocals that give the track purpose and meaning. In a recent post, GunFight states that “The music is not in the notes, but in the silence between”. The pauses and spacing of the track give it a wholly unique vibe that sets itself apart from the plethora of releases this week. Be sure to follow the GunFight project and check out “Lethal” using the links below. 

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