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GunFight Lets Loose Raw D&B Energy In New Single “Ill Mentality” 

Hailing from Austin, Texas, and now based in Los Angeles, bass music mastermind GunFight holds a relentless drive to push boundaries and an unrivaled passion for his craft. The producer’s unique power in fusing various bass music genres with a distinct visual aesthetic has garnered him a dedicated fanbase and support from some of the industry’s most influential artists. GunFight’s journey began over a decade ago, and since then, he has been on an unstoppable rise. He has built an impressive discography, while his commitment to staying independent has allowed him to maintain full creative control and deliver music that is truly authentic.

His brand new single “Ill Mentality” comes at a significant time, coinciding with Mental Health Awareness Month. Through his hard-hitting drum & bass breaks and captivating melodies, GunFight aims to inspire listeners and create a sense of unity. As GunFight’s journey unfolds, he continues to leave his mark on the bass music scene, setting the stage for an exciting future filled with groundbreaking releases.

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