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Habstrakt And Nitepunk Break The Sound Barrier With Fiery Collab ‘Point’ For HARD Recs!

Habstrakt and Nitepunk are finally converging on their first-ever collaboration, ‘Point’, a growling house single issued courtesy of HARD Recs

From a distance, it would seem like there might be a sonic partition separating the French-born house mainstay Habstrakt from the forward-thinking bass artist that is Nitepunk. But all genre differences aside, the two low-end masterminds are kindred spirits bonded by a punk rock state of mind that has granted them the license to create pure chaos in music form. 

‘Point’ is the incarnation of their lawless modus operandi, which finds two of dance music’s most wanted coming together at the crossroads of gritty, ear-splitting house music. Grungy bass plucks and ferocious rave stabs circle around the edges at first, waiting for the right moment for their respective worlds to collide. The roaring words “won’t you rock with me one time” reverberate beneath the distorted fuzz of thrashing guitar riffs, at which point complete havoc is raised through an onslaught of thunderous Reese bass and unholy rhythms. By the end of it all, the similarities shared between the two culprits in question become so loud that it’s impossible to unhear. 

Habstrakt is the brainchild of the L.A-based Frenchie, Adam Jouneau, a fan favorite from Insomniac Music Group. On top of his numerous stints on Insomniac Records, he recently brought his unrivaled bassline sensibilities over to the HARD imprint by way of his recent single ‘Higher’, a moody house record that helped spread the love right before Valentine’s Day. More than a year prior, he delivered his debut on the label by way of a smoldering remix of Nitepunk’s ‘Flow’, evening the score from an unpaid debt from before.  

The Brooklyn transplant Nitepunk has been splattering his sound all over HARD Recs with a handful of head-turning tracks that couldn’t get any more innovative. He continues to outdo himself with every passing single, leaving his stamp on mind-bending tracks including ‘MTV’, ‘Miracle’, the Yianna-assisted ‘I’m Not Yours and You’re Not Mine’, and the most recent ‘Grounded’ from the top of the year. Predating his unstoppable run of releases on the label, Nitepunk originally came into contact with Habby when he murked his rework of ‘The One’ back in 2019. 

As to be expected, the exchange of remixes has since made the elusive Habstrakt and Nitepunk collab somewhat of a golden goose that has been blowing up each of their comment sections. ‘Point’ is finally here to answer those prayers, and it is everything fans dreamed it would be.

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