HellKey Drops Monstrous New Single ‘Da Loco HellBoy’ ft. MC-Loco!

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HellKey Drops Monstrous New Single ‘Da Loco HellBoy’ ft. MC-Loco!

Mixing different EDM styles, breaks, and rock, HellKey showcases an aggressive and energic yet still a funny and quite bizarre sound. “It’s all about realizing a dream and have fun, no matter the Hell of life you have” says HellKey. HellKey is the alter-ego of Franky!, a classically trained pianist and keyboard player for many rock and metal bands. Tested and molded by Norwegian winters after leaving Italy, Franky! started in 2018 to build his solo project as the soundtrack of the hellish world where HellKey lives.

In short, HellKey is a guy living in Hell. By defying fate and hustling against all the difficulties and adversities, he starts to live his life motivated by his one and only dream of doing music for everyone that would come across his path. Still, Hell is a dangerous place, and each gig is a high-risk event. So each event is announced by the sign of the horned head: “The Head” is the sign that HellKey has planned something, and that place will be soon blessed with a party. Armed with nothing else but his keytar and his music, he will attract more and more people to his gig, then all kind of creatures hosted in Hell. No matter who they are, they all have something in common: they are looking for a breath from the hell of a life they are living, they all want to realize something and they are fighting for it.

On the production front, HellKey has created a soundtrack for this hellish world that he lives in. Powered by raw and dark synths within the dubstep genre, HellKey unleashes darkness on those who wish to seek it. For his latest work, he teamed up alongside vocalist MC-Loco on the dark and twisted ‘Da Loco HellBoy’, a dubstep banger that is sure to keep you headbanging all through your listening experience.

Stream this single below.

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